3 website designs proposals

Dear Madame,

Please find enclosed my three proposals for designing your MOOK website.


 The idea is to create a simple, elegant and very feminine look(bearing in mind that we are also targeting ladies with medical issues who probably want to feel more feminine again).

By keeping the design elegant rather than funky, we will convey the message that our products are of high quality, suitable for people from all classes of society.

The background on all the pages will be a nice, soft, silky background.

The logo is a bed of flowers, maybe heart shaped, with the word “mook” in plain letters on it.

The subtitle: because you only deserve the best…

Some nice, calm, classical music in the background.

The buttons for all pages look like petals.

All the images on the pages will be soft and faded, e.g. on the “contact “page, we will have a faded picture of a telephone in the background.

The “upcoming event “page will have a soft, faded calendar in the background with the events printed in a font which looks like handwriting.

A flash banner( framed in a nice old fashioned elegant frame) on the home page will move at a slow pace.  It will display pictures of ladies from all different religions and cultures wearing scarves, as well as ladies suffering from different medical issues and ladies simply dressed elegantly.

The font size needs to be bigger than the current one.

The “pictures” will have pictures of ladies modeling the scarves, sometimes  around the head, on other pictures around the shoulders.  That will give the browser a better idea of how the scarf will look worn, as oppose to the current samples of fabric on the website.


This design may be less femine and elegant than design 1, but it still has a nice, relaxing feel about it.

The main purpose of this design is to bring the message across that the scarves are not only elegant ,but also comfortable, lightweight and soft to the touch.

The background on the home page is a garden, with a washing line going across.  On the washing line we have several scarves pinned with clothes pegs.  They are softly moving with the wind, indicating the light weight material(which is very important to the ladies covering their hair).

A few cute little birds are sitting on the washing line and flying around, with the chirping sound in the background when the mouse hovers over them.

The sky will have a glowing effect, looking like a beautiful, sunny day.

The buttons(home/contact/etc..) will be positioned on wooden boards either nailed in a tree or used as lawn signs.

The logo:  I will be redesigning a logo for this website.

The subtitle: you won’t believe you are wearing one…

I would keep the airy, fresh look on all pages maybe using the sky blue as a background for all pages.

One “button” will be called “my clients” .when opened it will show a page full of pictures of ladies of all religions and cultures (same as in design 1) framed in nice gilded frames.

Another “button” will be “our quality”.  When opened it will show a picture of a newborn baby, sleeping in a Moses basket on the grass in a garden.  The baby is covered with one of Mook’s scarves.

Text on the page: the ultimate in style and comfort.

On the “upcoming event” page the background will still be the same (garden).

Again we will add a few birds in the background.

The upcoming events will be written in clouds in the sky.

The pictures on the “picture” page will be pictures of the scarves knotted around a invisible neck.


This background will be bolder and busier than design 1 and 2.  It is supposed to look more daring and therefore more eye-catching, albeit less feminine and elegant.

The home page will have a background of lots of scarves, either knotted or shaped like a flower. It will be a busy, funky look.

A old fashioned camera is placed in the bottom corner and it looks like it is projecting onto a screen.  The first message on the screen is:  what do all these ladies have in common? they all feel beautiful…

This message will be followed by a flashbanner(inside the screen, still looking like the camera is projecting) with images of all different ladies from different backgrounds, cultures and religions.  The images will move at a faster pace than those in the other designs as this is meant to be a busier design.

The logo: a picture of a lady wearing a scarf, blacked out. The word MOOK in plain bold letters, the M positioned on the blacked out face and the rest of the word next to it.

The buttons for the other pages are shaped like old fashioned film reels .

The contact page has the information written on a background, which is a old English telephone booth.

The upcoming event page will be written on a crystal ball, like “looking into the future”.

The pictures-page has pictures of the scarves. Knotted or slightly draped( around invisible neck or shoulders).

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