design 3 for Mook website

This design is bolder than the first two.  the main page shows an old-fashioned camera and a screen. At the moment the screen shows a picture of a lady wearing a scarf, but when I start working in flash, I will make the screen show lots of different pictures.

The buttons look like reels to maintain the theme.

I made the logo in photoshop, using a picture that I took of a scarf on a foam hatstand.

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another page for Mook design 2

This the about page for design 2.  The background is similar to the homepage, grass/garden.  the logo is the same and so are the buttons(except that they have been moved a bit). The idea behind this picture is to show that the scarves are so soft, one could even use it to cover a newborn baby.  I have created the scarf in photoshop, but would obviousely use a Mook scarf in the actual webdesign.

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Design 2 homepage

The idea behind this design is to create a nice, fresh, airy effect.  For the background I used a picture of my own garden.  I attached a washing line to two trees.  The scarves I made in photoshop using the warp tool.  If I chose to use this design, I would obiviousely use pictures of Mook scarves,or create the scarves like I have done above, but using Mook fabric patterns.

At a later stage in flash, I will make the scarves move gently, as if they were blowing in the wind.   This will show that the scarves are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear.

I have made three different logo’s and at this moment I think the one I preffer is the one where the letters are cut out to reveal the trees in the background.

I am still planning to add some birds on the washing line, who will chirp when the mouse hovers over them.

I have also included a picture of grass and trees that I found on the net, but have decided not to use it as the proportions are wrong and the colours look fake.  Instead I have worked with the picture of my backgarden.

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more pages for Mook design 1

Continuing with the same basic lay-out as the home page, I have designed two further pages for design 1: the contact page and the events page.

Again, as mentionned next to the homepage, i would spend more time cutting out the leaves properly if I were to chose to use this design.

The contact page has the same logo and buttons as the homepage to keep the consistancy throughout the webdesign.

For the event page I have again used the same logo and buttons but I moved around the buttons and tried changing the size of the logo.

The information I have used is random for the moment but it gives a clear idea of what the page would look like when completed.

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design 1 for Mook website homepage

The above three are identical images except the background.  The frame in the centre only shows one picture at the moment, but it will be a flashbanner, showing pictures of different ladies of different cultures and religions wearing scarves.

I have changed the size of the logo in one of them just to experiment and see which when is better.

At this stage i have only used the multiply function in photoshop to get rid of the white areas around the images, for example around the leaves but it is not perfect and if I decide to go ahead with this design, i will spend more time in photoshop properly cutting out the images before placing them on the background.

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fonts for MOOK

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sketches for webdesign 3

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